Anam Cara Therapies

Anam Cara Therapies is the culmination of
many years of experience facilitating healing with
individuals, couples, and families within the
progressive communities of the Twin Cities.

unnamedThroughout her years of creating processes, programs, and direct healing environments, Dr. Cara Carlson, our founder, has developed a profound sense of humility and curiosity with both the beauty and the vulnerability of the human soul. Her training has reinforced the belief that having a witness – one who will listen without judgment and who will provide a safe space for emotions – does result in lasting transformational change and healing.

The practitioners of Anam Cara house enjoy working with a wide diversity of families and communities and have extensive experience working across culture. LGB and Trans friendly.

– Anam Cara Center 9 Operating Principles –

℘  Nourishing connection to – and movement from – Ground of Being
℘  Honoring relationship and building community
℘  Engaging in cultural study and spiritual practice
℘  Attending to deepest heart’s desires and best hopes
℘  Offering space and guidance for the soul’s unfolding
℘  Respect and kindness for each person
℘  Celebrating diversity and inclusion
℘  Love has a place in our work
℘  Aligning our actions in the world with being a friend of the soul

– Our 9 Soul Friendship values –

℘  Acting in ways consistent with soul’s friendship: with integrity and humility
℘  Deep listening and witnessing to what’s unfolding, within and without
℘  Meeting people where they are with respect
Celebrating the full range of emotion and experience
℘  Facilitating self-determination toward healing and harmony
℘  Understanding that cultural and societal context impact health and healing
℘  Recognizing each person as the authority of their own experience
℘  Honoring the whole person within a family and culture
℘  Practicing self study and working within our scope

Anam Cara Therapies, PLLC – Fee and Non-discrimination Policy

We are committed to accepting payment/reimbursement: Medicare, Medicaid, MNCARE and most insurance carriers. We also provide information for Health Savings Plans (HSA).

We trust you to self select your own payment schedule and wish to honor with you the reciprocal nature of the healing process. This fee scale we offer is a guide as you determine your own payment. We do not need to ’verify’ your income. If the fee is out of your range of affordability, we are committed to working with you or referring you to lower cost clinics.

We do not discriminate against anyone or deny care to anyone due to age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, culture or race, ability or disability.