Tree & The Well



This is a community devoted to internal and external practice that weaves Ancient and Contemporary health and healing practices to create a more conscious, awake and interdependent way of life, by integrating innovative methods for spiritual and physical health, reconciling and healing of our relationships to one another and the natural world.


A Brief History

The Powderhorn Phillips Cultural Wellness Center‘s Mission, Philosophy, and Guiding Theories have provided the leaders of this initiative with the support and process for studying ourselves and building community within a cultural framework. We are grateful to the Cultural Wellness Center for allowing The Tree and the Well to participate as an “Incubated Initiative.”

The inspiration for this work comes from our European ancestors and the profound cultural teachings they have entrusted to us. These teachings have shown us a wisdom, beauty, strength, humility, and path to reconciliation that speaks to our heartfelt dreams and deepest desires.