Cultural Studies

Introduction to Cultural Studies

These curricula form an exploration of the cultural roots of Northern European peoples. Two major mythological traditions of Northern Europeans are the Celtic and Germanic/Nordic. These ancient traditions encompass many ethnicities and local traditions because they have mythological stories, symbols and cultural concepts in common.

Everyone has a culture, and these studies uncover two cultural traditions that lie at the root of European American and European culture. These classes explore the concepts, practices, myths, and symbols – the ways of thinking of these cultural traditions. This understanding is brought to our lives in the present to inform our thinking and our actions.

Guiding Questions

These studies help us to answer such questions as:

 What does our culture teach us about our body, about our relationship with nature, and about how to work with our emotions?

 ℘  How can we balance the individualism of our culture with community and teamwork? How can we balance our needs for both productivity and being?

℘  How can we draw upon elders to contribute their wisdom to community?

℘  How can we practice cultural integrity? What does our culture teach us about balance and boundaries?

℘  What is a meaningful creation story for us today?

℘  What is a healthy cultural identity for people of European heritage?

℘  What will cultural study teach us about taking responsibility for and reconciling with our past actions in order to improve our present and future relationships with those within our own culture and with other cultures?

℘  How can the wisdom of our cultural traditions inform our spiritual development?