Inspired & Ritual Arts


In the ancient Celtic and Germanic spiritual traditions, inspiration is the source and harbinger of healing, creativity, joy, expression, and positive transformation. The Inspired/Ecstatic Arts Branch of the Tree and the Well offers participants opportunities to drink deeply from the Well of Inspiration. We allow the nourishment we receive there to cultivate new realms of possibility within us including beauty, art, healing, miracles, and ecstasy, to name a few. As these realms are inspired within us we naturally offer them out to the world around us.

Through a multiplicity of mediums – music, dance, story and myth, the canvas, clay, fabric, sacred poetry and drama, healing touch, fire dancing, and more – we take the thrilling ride that begins with the breath of inspiration, delves joyously into expression, and blossoms into ecstasy.


Creative Expression

Creative expression is an essential facet to a balanced and dynamic life. Inspiration is the breath of life connecting us to ourselves and to each other. We believe that art is a way to deepen, explore, and celebrate our unique spiritual philosophies. Art and artistic expression can bring together the body, mind, and spirit by engaging all three simultaneously. When we are singing a song we love, our mind is sending the words to our mouths through our hearts – we let go and become sweet music itself. In addition to music making, we also use puppetry, poetry, sacred drama, mask making, and many other elements of expression in our Inspired and Ecstatic Arts program. One doesn’t have to be an artist to make art – everyone is an artist. We create art to feel alive, to feel whatever we are feeling. Creativity is a tool for healing – it allows us to open wide and peer inside. Come and see …