Seasonal Celebration & Community Rituals

Welcome to the Tree and the Well Ritual page.
We hope you will join us at one of our rituals
celebrating the 8 Celtic Holy Days of the year.
We’d like you to know more about us and our rituals.

We believe:

 Cultural understanding can bring healing.

℘  Honoring community and personal spiritual practices through ritual can lead to healing.

℘  Diversity is a sign of healthy community, and invite all to come as you are and with your own relationship to Mystery, belief systems, faith traditions, and spiritual experiences.

℘  That each individual has access to the divine and can be in direct contact with Mystery.

℘  In supporting authentic spiritual experience.

℘  In inclusion and welcome all cultures, genders, ages, and abilities to celebrate the wheel of the year with us.


We also believe that: 

“Ritual is a multi-sensorial prayer that lays down new patterns
in the soul.” – Cynthea Jones of Diana’s Grove Mystery School

When you come to one of our rituals you can expect:

℘  Singing, music, movement, and spontaneity.

℘  Children to be present and tended by community with activities offered for them.

℘  Raising of energy.

℘  Opportunity for a deepening of personal spiritual work.

℘  To gather in a circle.

℘  Ritual grounded in a foundation of Celtic traditions.

℘  A group of people of diverse traditions and spiritual backgrounds.

℘  To be outdoors in warmer months and indoor in the cooler months.

℘  A ritual co-created by community.

℘  Ritual that supports intention.

℘  Potluck at the end of ritual. Bring something to share and you own plates and utensils when we gather outdoors.

℘  And, fairies of all persuasions!


While at one of our rituals, you are invited to:

℘  Tend to your own needs, making yourself comfortable.

℘  Bring a sense of play, openness and permission to come as you are, and where you are in life.

℘  Participate in the way that feels authentic to you.

℘  Contribute to the impact and energy of the ritual because everyone in the ritual contributes to the experience, everyone matters. (link to Participatory Priestessing)

℘  Join us in learning and supporting each other in the ritual experience. No one here is an expert. Everyone is pushing edges.

℘  Experience embodied, ecstatic ritual.

No one turned away on the basis of:

℘  Money, however we are grateful for donations of the heart. $5 – $10 is appreciated.

℘  Ritual experience or inexperience.

℘  Extreme shinyness.

℘  Or being fabulous!