Mindfulness & Mysticism

The guiding principle of Sacred feminine studies puts forth that true development in this tradition is a blend of inner and outer study. We recognize that conventional culture is sorely lacking in resources to support self-reflection and self-awareness, yet this personal awareness is fundamental to right living and personal development.

foggy-1149652_1920In the tradition of the sacred feminine we seek out opportunities to create a field of practice that is based in self-knowledge and self-study; we come home to the knowledge that we are sacred vessels. There is no intermediary between the divine and us. This area of study deepens and supplements the work begun in Cauldron Studies in the area of mindfulness practice and meditation. We recognize the need for meditation and mindfulness practice for an integrated life. We meditate so that we can truly learn to see how we are, how our mind works, and how our addictions manifest so that we may begin to see beyond or through the old ego stories that we have cultivated. We practice mindfulness to heal our wounds and those that we inherited from our ancestors. We meditate to develop the capacity to have intimacy with ourselves that is fresh in each moment. We yearn to become quiet enough so that we can develop the deeper quiet that is beyond our ego/mind.

Classes are available for the novice and for students that have experience with mindfulness practice in other traditions. These classes will focus on gaining awareness of the benefit of mindfulness skills and traditional sitting meditation while studying the history and cultural context of these ancient practices and how they support our work on the path of the Divine Feminine.

In this area of self-study, the challenges we are invited to walk with are:

 Being more authentic when our heart and mind is cluttered with thoughts, ideas, old stories and worn out self-images.

℘  Learning to face our fears and to sit with that which is raw in us, and thereby become our own source of self-healing.

℘  Listening for the Truth within us.


Sacred Principles of Working With Energy

In the tradition of the Sacred feminine we recognize and cultivate right relationships with the essential substance or energy that is the origin of life as it manifests in the physical and non-physical realms. We are aware that we individually impact the energetic field that is shared collectively while understanding that we are each, unto ourselves, a personal cosmos that may need mending and healing.

We also understand that healthy feminine energy manifests joyfully and requires diligence in tending to the energy as it relates to the environment and in relationship to one another. In this field of study we will create and support a deep exploration of the energy we manifest in the world by teaching how to work more consciously and ethically with energy for personal and collective healing. We shall also support energy study as it promotes hearth tending or creating sacred space in home or community.

cliff-1840442_1920Questions to walk with in this field of study include:

℘  How aware am I of the energetic
field that is my body-mind?

℘  How aware am I of the energetic
field of my community?

℘  Do I notice when I have misjudged
my own or another’s energetic boundaries?

℘  How aware am I of, and how do I tend to,
the sacred beauty of my environment?

℘  How often do I recognize the impact of my
thoughts, words and deeds on the world
around my ancestors and me?