Sacred Feminine

Sacred Feminine Studies provide a container for individuals to come together to understand and integrate principles of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine into their lives.

While working with an emerging framework for a path in the Sacred Feminine Tradition, we as individuals are embodying the knowledge as we learn it through both esoteric and exoteric practices that lead to insight, self-understanding and acceptance, greater compassion and healing, psychological growth, self-actualization and transpersonal development within a community context.

Our practices serve as tools to deepen awareness, expand our knowing and cultivate a love for wisdom. We use sacred inquiry, self-reflection, set intentions for grounded growth, lead guided meditations and inner journeys that with the archetypal realms, work with myth and story, offer meditation mindfulness practices, teach about Earth and Moon cycles and the energetic principles for healing and renewal.

The classes have an emphasis on shared learning so that participants may act as mirrors for each other, witness and learn from each other’s struggles, insights, challenges, and expansion. Classes approach Sacred/Divine Feminine Studies from many angles; learning about the Goddess through art, music, personal stories, sacred tool making, lecturing, and many other methods. Participants may leave these classes with a deeper awareness of their intuition and ego patterning; gain fresh perspectives on their past, present, and future, with more capacity for an openhearted toward and direct link with the sacred feminine.