Cauldron Studies

On The Rim of the Cauldron

Looking at the World as Ourselves

A year-long course in the Sacred Feminine Tradition, open to new participants each September! This circle is developed as a 12-month journey into the cycles of nature and spirit as reflection for our true natures.

It is ideal for European-Americans who are motivated and inspired to deepen their spiritual practice and recognize that spiritual development is not only essential for personal development but is a vital resource for our families and communities. This experience is unique in that it will not only enhance our relationship with our True nature, but will provide opportunity to deepen our connection with our soul in a universal sense. Following the mystery tradition of European culture, this process is ideal for folks wanting to deepen both their mindfulness practice and their knowledge of embodied spirituality.

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Skills to master  |  Tools to deepen awareness and self reflection; setting intention for grounded growth; guided inner journeys and working with the archetypal realms; working with symbol, myth and story; meditation mindfulness practices; Earth cycles; and energetic principles for healing, renewal, and inspired action.

Facilitators  |  This 12-month journey is facilitated by Cara Carlson and Kara Vangen. Entering our twentieth year working together, we teach using a variety of methods and approaches while each of us bring over twenty years’ experience leading and facilitating healing processes, spirituality, and growth. Within the Sacred Feminine we use methods of inquiry and mindfulness, while working with cultural myth and storytelling, singing, movement, creativity, and journeying.

The Path  |  We are followers and co-creators of an old path that today many our calling The Sacred (or Divine) Feminine Tradition. In September 2019, we will begin our nineteenth year offering the Cauldron Studies. At present The Cauldron Studies includes teachers, apprentices, initiates and altar tenders, (in addition to the contributions of over 250 participants) who have completed the year-long course. Our teachers, apprentices, and initiates are all honored and inspired to be a few of a growing number of way-showers at this time in the reclamation of the Sacred Feminine.

Next cycle open to new participants beginning in September.
Contact Anam Cara for more information, fees and dates.

May the many blessings of the Sacred shine upon us all,
Cara Carlson and Kara Vangen