Anam Cara


℘ Confidant or Spiritual Advisor,
Friend of the Soul ℘ 

Anam Cara Therapies, a restorative healing and integral therapy practice is located in Minneapolis, MN. Like the Celtic Knot, it’s the culmination of weaving together multiple threads of experience and practice facilitating healing processes. In the Celtic Spiritual tradition, it is believed that forming an Anam Cara bond will support you to fully heal and awaken to your own true nature.

Dr. Cara Carlson is our founder and lead therapist. She is joined by her friend Kara Vangen as co-director of Anam Cara Therapies. They have each worked with individuals, couples and families within the diverse communities of the Twin Cities metro area for 30 years and have collaborated together for 20 years.

Our group of practitioners is formed by Elder Kaia Svien, Elder Teri Parsley, April Kaisen, Nathan Paulsen, Fanny Miller, Jennifer Paige and Scott Edgar.