Anam Cara House
is a healing and therapeutic community of practice is located in Minneapolis, MN. Like the Celtic Knot, it’s the culmination of weaving together multiple threads of community experience and cultural practice. In the Celtic Spiritual tradition, it is believed that forming an Anam Cara bond will support us to fully heal and awaken to our own true nature.

cropped-logo_anam-cara.jpg‘Anam Cara’ was for the Celtic peoples a concept with deep meaning.
Anam” translates to “Soul”, and “Cara” translates to “Friend”.

We at Anam Cara, seek to offer this kind of connection, compassion, and relational healing. Anam Cara, as a place to practice and engage in cultural self study and community building grew out of, and continues to be informed by, the cultural wellness approach to health and healing of the Powderhorn Phillips Cultural Wellness Center, known now as simply, The Cultural Wellness Center.

Dr. Cara Carlson is our founder and clinical director. She is joined by our group of elders and practitioners Elder Kaia Svien, Elder Tere Parsley Starnes, Elder Kara Vangen, Nathan Paulsen, Fanny Miller, Jennifer Paige, Scott Edgar, Jason Mayer, Nicole Duxbury, April DeJarlais, Veronica Rivera Arteaga, Rachael Sarto Reishi Leaf, and Macey Flood.

April Kaisen and Charlie Bouverette continue to offer consultation in their areas of expertise.