Integral Supervision
& Consultation

Supervisors bring a broad working knowledge of public, social service and community resources; a deep commitment to community building and collaborations within and between academic institutions, health and social service fields, and local citizens and neighborhood groups, and a rich abundance of experiences working as part of a multidisciplinary and multicultural team.

Supervision and consultation at Anam Cara Therapies includes:

℘  Mentoring, coaching and training clinicians, social workers, social service and health practitioners.
℘  Knowledge of cultural differences in beliefs and practices relating to social work, mental health, service delivery, family and community work.
℘  The ability to recognize and respect cultural differences as well as other “differences” while upholding and implementing Professional Ethics.

Supervisees will also gain experience and knowledge of healthy child and adult development and family dynamics, social work theory, methods and practice skills, developing competency to function well in unpredictable and challenging situations which call for sensitivity, flexibility, resourcefulness and independent judgment.


Integral Individual Social Work Supervision

Individual supervision is available to LSW, LGSW, LISW and LICSW level social workers and LPC and LPCC seeking practitioners. Supervises will have the opportunity to bring client cases, ethical dilemmas and questions regarding their current practice situation to the supervision session for discussion. Many of the methods that will be used during the individual supervision session are discussed below as a part of the Integral Social Work Supervision Group.

Dr. Carlson takes great pleasure in facilitating practitioner’s learning and development by assisting them to bridge and integrate their academic learning of theories and methods within their current social work and clinical positions.

Please contact Dr. Carlson for current availability and to discuss costs.

Generalist Supervision and Consultation Group

Generalist supervision and consultation groups are on going. Please contact Dr. Carlson directly to discuss the opportunities.


Clinical Supervision and Consultation Group

This group may be particularly helpful for beginning social work clinicians as well as seasoned practitioners who want to deepen and expand their knowledge of integral and holistic methods. We will explore a variety of frameworks for assessment and use multiple modalities in our work to benefit both the practitioner and their clients. This group provides a safe, confidential and nourishing environment. Supervision hours can apply toward social work licensure.

Exploration will include:

℘  Case consultation and supervision including eastern and western modalities.
℘  Development of skills in reflective practice: guided relaxation, body awareness, mindfulness meditation, compassion practices, and creative and ritual arts.
℘  Application of multiple methods of assessment and approaches to particular issues and client populations.
℘  Address ethical and boundary issues regarding this work.
℘  Define and develop the therapists’/ practitioners’ role in models used.

For more information or to interview for the supervision
group please contact Dr. Carlson directly.

Special Topics in Supervision

℘  Integral Clinical Social Work: Theory and Practice

This supervision intensive will include didactic, group process, diagnostic assessment and consultation and practical application. Please bring a client or client system for diagnostic review using the Integral Framework.

℘  On Being a Reflective Practitioner: Using mindfulness, embodied awareness, and intuition in the diagnostic and treatment process

This supervision intensive will include didactic, experiential experience and practical application. Please bring a practice, client or client systems issue you are struggling with.

℘  Spirituality and the Clinical Encounter: Including Spirituality and religion as a tool for healing in the Therapeutic process

This supervision intensive will include didactic, practitioner assessment of one’s own spiritual autonomy, ethical considerations, effective applications of including spirituality and pitfalls to watch out for, and case consultations. Please bring a practice, client or client systems issue you are struggling with.