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About Dr. Carlson

Cara Carlson, Ph.D., LICSW, is a clinical consultant, psychotherapist, teacher, and healing practitioner. In 2006, she completed a nine-year apprenticeship at the Powderhorn Phillips Cultural Wellness Center at which time she was initiated and recognized as a community wise woman. Since that time she has served as a clinical therapist and consultant in her private practice Anam Cara Therapies.  Cara was a full time clinical faculty member in the School of Social Work at the Universities of St. Catherine and St. Thomas from 2008-2012. She is Founder and Director of the Tree and Well, Institute for Deep Cultural Studies, and co-creator of the Cauldron Studies Program.  Cara currently supervises social workers and therapists for license, teaches a variety of mindfulness based reflective and spiritual development classes and recently completed 230 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. After more than 25 years of providing service, building community and facilitating healing with individuals and families she continues to pursue her passion for knowledge, engage in cultural self study and cultivate an authentic grounded presence. She most enjoys spending time in nature, creating ritual, tending her family and being a grandma.

About Anam Cara Therapies

Anam Cara Therapies is the culmination of many years of experience facilitating healing with individuals, couples, and families within the progressive communities of the Twin Cities.

Throughout her years of creating processes, programs, and direct healing environments, Cara has developed a profound sense of humility and curiosity with both the beauty and the vulnerability of the human soul. Her training has reinforced the belief that having a witness – one who will listen without judgment and who will provide a safe space for emotions – does result in lasting transformational change and healing. Cara enjoys working with a wide diversity of families and communities and has extensive experience working across culture. LGB and Trans friendly.

Anam Cara Therapies accepts most insurance carriers and offers a sliding fee scale

About Tree and the Well

Within a community context we seek to study, practice and celebrate the knowledge, folk traditions, and ancient wisdom of the peoples of Europe.

We do this to:

•Become healthier personally, as a community, and as a cultural people.

•Provide inspiration, support, and guidance from the European traditions and wisdom for the study, development, and actualization of spiritual growth and healing.

•Provide a framework and support for justice work with a focus on re-creating cultural patterns that will begin to heal relationships within our own communities, our cross cultural relationships, and our relationship to the earth and the natural world.

•Bring about conscious living and change within ourselves, our communities, and the greater world around us.

The inspiration for this work comes from our European ancestors and the profound cultural teachings they have entrusted to us. These teachings have shown us a wisdom, beauty, strength, humility, and path to reconciliation that speaks to our heartfelt dreams and deepest desires.

About On the Rim of the Cauldron, Cauldron Studies

A year long course in the Sacred Feminine Tradition, beginning our 15th year of ritual, practice, and study in 2015-2016.

This women’s psycho-spiritual program is developed as a 12-month journey into the cycles of nature and spirit as reflection for our true natures.

It is ideal for European-American women who are motivated and inspired to deepen their spiritual practice and recognize that spiritual development is not only essential for personal development but is a vital resource for our families and communities. This experience is unique in that it will not only enhance our relationship with our Divinely Feminine nature, but will provide opportunity to deepen our connection with our soul in a universal sense. Following the mystery tradition of European culture, this process is ideal for women wanting to deepen both their mindfulness practice and their knowledge of nature/earth based wisdom.