Elder Tere Parsley Starnes

tere parsley starnesTere’s (they/them) practice of astrology pays attention to how we can best use our talents, meet our challenges, and manifest our dreams to become our fullest selves. Tere believes that we are in a dance with the stars. A birth chart can be an opening to knowing ourselves better if we agree to join the dance. This means that choice and intention play a big role in every consultation with the stars.

Tere’s astrology is rooted in the cycles and wisdom of the Earth. It is queer, radical, and oriented towards being the change we want to see. For Tere, astrology is a tool for practicing mindful intention—a blend of self-awareness with a desire for change and manifestation.

Tere has been practicing as a professional astrologer since 1995. Tere is a writer, a teacher, a hedge witch, and a hag, specializing in astrology and earth-based spirituality. The Reclaiming Tradition is one of Tere’s spiritual homes, blending reverence for the Earth with activism. Tere writes a daily astrological forecast based on the lunar cycle. Each new Moon, Tere writes about intention and magic to follow for the cycle. You can subscribe to this forecast through Tere’s Patreon site at Patreon.com/teristar 

To book a reading with Tere go to www.starsdanceastrology.com