Emily Pearson Ryan

Born and raised in Minnesota, Emily Pearson Ryan is a 2002 graduate of Macalester College and spent her years before children engaged in youth work, teaching, and community activism. After using plants as medicine informally for many years, Emily began studying with herbalist Lise Wolff in early 2021. She felt called to clinical practice after having several experiences that revealed deep cracks in the allopathic/biomedical healthcare system, and continues practicing under Lise’s mentorship.

Emily sees clients of all ages for a wide range of concerns, including stress/anxiety, digestive trouble, autoimmune disorders, musculo-skeletal complaints, memory/concentration, and fertility/reproductive concerns. She is especially drawn to helping people be supported by plants during times of transition –  pregnancy and birth, menopause, grief and dying or any big life change. She uses listening, intuition, and pulse testing to match people with helpful plant remedies, mostly in the form of tinctures (fresh plant material in alcohol preparations).

Emily centers her work around being in service to the plant world and to her community. She remains a folk herbalist at heart, wishes for everyone to learn a bit of herbalism, and is always looking for new teaching opportunities. She is available to meet with clients in English and Spanish and will make house calls when illness, accessibility or other circumstances call for it.

Emily has studied at the Orphan Wisdom School since 2016 and works as a doula at both births and deaths. She is a gardener and a caregiver and loves to cook for large groups of people. She lives in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis with her partner and three kids.

Please contact Emily through her website, www.lowlandplantmedicine.com