Fanny Miller


Fanny MillerFanny (she/her) is from Ecuador, South America. Her first language is Spanish.

Fanny is the Executive Director of BeechWood, Inc., an organization that offers Independent Living Skills Services and Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Services. She has a BA in special education and has experience teaching children. She taught in a classroom setting and also ran a special education program for disenfranchised children in her home community. Fanny is passionate about advancing social justice and working with diverse communities.

In addition to directing and leading a vibrant community nonprofit, she has years of experience working with people with disablities and older adults and supporting cross cultural understanding and healing.

She works with children, adults and families utilizing a holistic approach, leveraging the client’s own strengths and resources to work toward possible solutions. She walks side by side with clients in their journeys toward growth, health and wellness. We think of Fanny as our gentle and humble embodied shaman in training.