Jason Mayer


Jason (he/him) intention as a therapist is be a true friend of the soul, to deeply listen, to meet you where you are, and to be there as a support for you as you navigate your journey and your own unfolding. He feels strongly that no one should have to do it alone.

He relies on a mindful approach where, helping individuals and families identify and learn how to be with what is arising in the present moment- whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable. He utilizes an imaginal and integrated theoretical approach to support developing more resilience, foster and stretch your psychological flexibility, and establish a deeper knowing of oneself. As understanding emerges and perspectives shift, Jason will support you toward nurturing your own inherent wisdom.

Nine years of professional experience in the mental health field working with both youth and adults, he hold a Master’s in Counseling Psychology degree from Meridian University and is working towards licensure as a licensed professional clinical counselor.