Kara Vangen


kara2Kara (she/her) hasbeen a part of the Anam Cara community for many years co-directing the Cauldron Studies program. Her professional experience includes 20 years as a spiritual teacher, as well as front line work as a social worker in community mental health. Kara worked for many years as a social worker specializing in mental health at Touchstone Mental Health where she combined traditional social work practice with integrative and complimentary health practices to address mental health. Her work with others is deeply imbedded in an integral framework for psychological well- being as well as steeped in humanistic psychology.  Kara is an ordained teacher in the Ridhwan school and has extensive experience in the practice of self- reflection and inquiry, which informs her work with others.

In 2005 Kara completed advanced Professional Training through the Center for Mind Body Spirit Medicine in Washington D.C. and is currently teaching mind-body medicine to groups and individuals in her private practice. Deeply practical about healing, she is able to support grounded growth that takes into consideration each person’s uniqueness and capacity.

I have experience working with anxiety, depression, stress,
developmental wounding,
PTSD as well as many other conditions
of the body mind. The method is holistic, and engages with all aspects
of the self to resolve issues.  We work together so you can accept yourself with
less judgment,and learn new methods to access safety and peace within,
as well aswork through unresolved feelings. All of these ingredients make it
possible to make healthy and loving changes that reflect your authentic self.
Please feel free to call me discuss the way I work.

Kara is passionate about doing the, “deep inner work” required to show up authentically in life and community and that our value and happiness as human beings arises from our ability to illuminate our inner life. With all of her work, Kara brings a grounded presence that is committed to the unfolding of each person’s true and authentic self.  She creates a safe and reflective space to help her clients take steps towards living out their values.