Macey Flood


Macey Flood is a euro-descended settler folk herbalist, academic historian, and community member with Anam Cara and the Cultural Wellness Center. Their work is in memory and remembering, storytelling and storylistening, and nurturing resilience. Macey believes that storytelling and storylistening – and sometimes, story-analyzing – facilitates curiosity, clarity, and connection, and that this work can serve the radical transformation of ourselves, our people, and the planet.

As a memory worker, researcher, writer, and educator, Macey has collaborated with other historians as well as creative writers, activists, herbalists, ecologists, and culture workers to facilitate study groups, history practice workshops, and community education circles to bring people in connection with history, place, and themselves. They currently co-facilitate an oral history and archive project on plant knowers and health and are an adjunct instructor at the University of Minnesota.  

As an herbalist, Macey principally trained and apprenticed with Lise Wolff along with several other regional herbalists, as well as receiving additional training from other human and plant communities in Turtle Island. Macey received their PhD in the history of medicine from the University of Medicine in 2021 where they studied the circulation of medicines including plants in the context of US settler colonialism and Anishinaabe sovereignty. They have held postdocs in health humanities and bioethics at the University of Texas Medical Branch and in public history with Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research. Macey participated in the 2021 Moving from Race to Culture Cohort facilitated by Anam Cara and the Cultural Wellness Center and has been a part of the Anam Cara community since 2015.

Macey lives in South Minneapolis with their family.