Nathan Paulsen


PaulsenNathan (he/him) is a dad, movement worker, writer, permaculture enthusiast and clinical trainee at Anam Cara Therapies who has worked in the mental health field for over 18 years. Nathan approaches his work with a not-knowing attitude born of the rich variety of experience and many surprises he encounters in daily life. His practice as therapist is to accompany clients in the often confusing journey toward their preferred future by nurturing best hopes and values while grounding in the rhythms of everyday life. In this way, therapy supports client intentions to cultivate the satisfaction of a more mindful and integrated style of living.

In a world of grave injustice, these healing tasks have a special significance. Nathan believes the intimate wounds each of us carries are profoundly affected by the global crisis in which we live. In turn, the difficult emotions of sadness, anger, grief and anxiety offer wisdom that – when honored – invite transformative action in our lives and wider communities.