Nicole Duxbury


ACwebsiteNicole (she/her) is a clinical practitioner with Anam Cara practicing under the supervision of Dr. Carlson. Committed to deep equity, she is interested in the ways that our personal healing processes contribute to our collective wellness as a larger community. “As I heal, my relationships heal. As my relationships heal, my community heals.” She brings a decade of experience working with youth and over a decade of spiritual and cultural self-study with Anam Cara/Tree and the Well, Elder Kaia Svien, and the Cultural Wellness Center.

Her on-going spiritual study as a student of the Ridhwan School deeply informs her practice: as we engage the journey of healing and liberating ourselves from the confines of limiting beliefs and the patterning of past wounds and traumas, our lives and our interactions with the world become infused with our uniqueness and authenticity – a gift to ourselves and the world. Nicole seeks to honor and hold the space of an Anam Cara, a friend of the soul, in witnessing, encouraging and holding space for each person’s unique development and unfolding.

Nicole’s integrative and somatic approach is informed by her training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based approach used to increase well-being; her completion of the advanced-level training in mind-body skills through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine; and her on-going study with Thomas Huebl on the collective and relational aspects of healing. She is trained as an herbalist and flower essence practitioner and has a particular interest in Ancestral healing and connection. Nicole works as a community mental practitioner with BeechWood, Inc and as a bodyworker and facilitator with Wild Crocus: Holistic Body Therapies, LLC.

She works with people ages 12+. Her practice is inclusive to neurodiverse populations and people of varying cognitive abilities. Nicole habla español y está disponible para responder a cualquier pregunta que usted tenga sobre los servicios ofrecidos. For additional professional training and credentials, visit: