Rachael Sarto


RachaelSartoRachael Sarto is a therapist and clinical social worker, as well as a member of the Anam Cara community. She is honored to join the therapists and other healers and teachers serving community at Anam Cara House.

During the past 15 years, Rachael has provided counseling and support for individuals and families facing a wide range of challenges, in clinic, hospital, day treatment, and residential settings. As a counselor in a palliative care program for many years, Rachael served people living with serious illness affecting self or loved one, including working with families and individuals facing end-of-life. She has a particular passion for working with people living with the emotional and relationship impacts of illness and injury.

Rachael’s work is grounded in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, self-study and community, and EMDR. She draws from Buddhist psychology and mindfulness-based approaches to engaging an observing and loving presence with our experiences. A lover of dance, music, authentic movement, and bodywork, she invites others toward connection with our bodies and our whole selves. Trained in clinical hypnosis, guided imagery, and mindfulness-based approaches to working with emotional and physical discomfort, Rachael sees the body as our home in the present moment, a teacher and a place of healing.

Rachael is a life-long student of disability self-advocacy, inclusion, and community building. Her mentors and teachers have included the Institute on Community Integration, the LEND Fellowship, members of the Camphill Community movement, and family and friends.

She currently also provides care through the Center for Grief in St Paul, and at Well Within Healing Arts, in the Longfellow neighborhood. She deeply values understanding what matters most to each client. With warm listening and a collaborative approach, she aims to align with each person to support them in their goals for their lives.

Rachael finds joy alone and with others in movement, stillness, reading, drawing, and making music. She savors family, friendship, and spending time outdoors.